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THIS MORN OMINA 'lunification des Forces Opposantes'

THIS MORN OMINA 'lunification des Forces Opposantes'
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Label/ Distributor: Ant-Zen / Hymen
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dear listener, this is the end of an era for some and the start of a new one for others. this is nyan III. a concept coming full circle after approximately a decade, necessary musical side-steps included. everything this morn' omina ever was meant to be, is here now, with a clear view towards the future. it all came together when kindred spirits met. so now we have arrived in this space. with a new musical approach. a new line-up. New concepts and hence a new existence. 'nigunnums' were introduced next to introduce a further exploration of the vocal aspect. new spiritual sources were tapped into and given the time to grow and flourish musically. so welcome to an energetic auditory sensation with no spiritual limitations whatsoever. saccadic movements to skew your perception are here as feature, or perhaps as mandatory additions in order to let the kundaline flow. so we remain, on the chosen path, welcoming all travellers, new or old. mika goedrijk & karolus lerocq 'from the ashes i arise / from the fire i re-alight /enuma elish! as you are - aiwass / as i am - you will be reason is raving / anguish - insane when i hear you say / long were those days so let the garments vanish / and your body replenish with a strengthened voice - filled with joy let us scream the words: rejoice! what we attain is of no avail / whirlwinds night and day let no man decree your fate!'

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